How to stiffen tatting

I first used home made stiffener many many years ago when I crocheted baskets, snowflakes and doilies.
I made my own stiffener by dissolving sugar in boiled water. Although this did work it had certain disadvantages such as it being sticky and messy. There was aleays the risk of burnt fingers too! Also the sugar can attract pests……not a good look!
Another method you can use is making up a mix of white glue and water, but this entails measuring, mixing and mess.
I was delighted to test  DecoArt  Fabric Stiffener and it worked a treat on my tatting  – no more messy pots, bowls, measuring or burnt fingers!
Americana Fabric Stiffener can be used to shape and stiffen silk flowers, appliqués, lace, fabric, ribbon, crochet and tatting. It gives a long lasting finish and dries clear. You can add paint to it to change the colour if you can paint it when dry.
To use it simply either pour some into a bowl and immerse the item or apply to both sides with a small brush.
I prefer the brush method for tatting as it so delicate and the spaces could get clogged.
 Although one  coat   would suffice I applied two coats to each side allowing it to dry overnight
You can see on this two layer piece how well it worked and how the centre stands up nicely.
I am not posting before and after pictures as it would be difficult to show how stiff the pieces are.
These hearts are a tatting pattern by Decorama

I stiffened pieces tatting with cotton crochet thread and c-Lon nylon thread and it worked well on both

This product is:
water based
Soap and water clean up
If you have never tatted before but would like to try there are lots of tutorials and videos online. It is a very nice craft to do and I like the fact that it is so transportable (is that a word?)
Please feel free to contact me if I can help with links etc

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