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Canal Boat Painting

A [British] canal boat of traditional long, narrow design, steered with a tiller; spec. one not exceeding 7 feet (approx. 2.1 metres) in width or 72 feet (approx. 21.9 metres) in length Oxford English Dictionary


Narrow boats are wooden boats  used on canals. They were traditionally drawn by a horse walking on the towpath led by a crew member. It was and, indeed still is,  common practice to paint roses and castles on boats,  their fixtures and fittings. Common surfaces are furniture, coal hods and buckets.

Today the boats are mainly used for leisure purposes but can still be seen in all their glory, having been painted in the vibrant colours.

Traditionally oil based paint was used for this technique, but I will be using DecoArt Traditions. These are really good quality acrylic paints which will more than stand up to any uses my students will have for their finished items – not much chance they will be painting canal boats – but you never know!

i painted these wooden spoons as a class project on a cruise. It went down really well with the passengers and, funnily enough, one of them has a canal boat!



There are many books available……I really like this one by Anne Young

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