Bottle wrapping tutorial

Have you ever had a battle with a bottle?
..not drinking it but wrapping!

so here goes…this is what you need:
A bottle (of course) –  you might even need a spare one to open if my instructions aren’t very clear! 
Double sided tape
Gift tag & twine
Single hole punch
Embellishments – I used a vintage tag and the printed graphics are from the Graphics Fairy
and……..this is what you do

1. cut a piece of paper wide enough to go around the bottle plus ½” and the height of the bottle plus 5″

2. lay the bottle on the paper and draw a pencil line just over half the diameter of the bottom of the bottle. Snip to the pencil at approximately ½” intervals

3. fold over one long edge 1/2 inch, make a crease and attach double sided tape over the fold

4. wrap around the bottle and stick it down
5. place the bottle on it’s side, tuck the slitted paper in towards the middle and stick it in place (I use sellotape) as this part won’t be seen.  (If this is a gift for a special occasion you could cut out a circle to cover it and make it look neater) 

6. Stand the bottle up and make two creases

7. Fold over the corners
8. Fold down
9. Punch 2 holes
10. Tie a tag on with twine – this is a plain buff tag, which I gave an aged effect to with distress ink and then stamped the text on
11. stick on  label/s – I found these at the Graphics Fairy siteand then wait for the grand opening……..


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