Tatted tassel patterns

I wonder if all tatters throw out as much thread as I do?

The problem is that very few patterns tell you how much thread is required and, because joining mid pattern can be fiddly I always over guess how much thread I need.
So…….what can we do with the small amounts of thread we are left with? We tatt butterflies….lots and lots of butterflies.

Here is another way to use up the thread –  make tassels.

I used Lizbeth 20

I use them on greeting cards (especially Oriental ones), on felt hanging hearts and as scissor embellishments. You could also use them to make a pair of trendy earrings or bag charms


1.  Leaving a 12″ tail, tatt a ring (I did 20 x DS), cut the thread, leaving another 12″ tail.

Close the ring leaving about 1/2″ of thread showing

2. Wind thread around a card slightly larger than you want the finished tassel to be

3. Cut the thread and, holding it tightly, pass it through the tatted ring

4. Fold the cut threads over and close the ring tightly, then knot the long ends underneath (where the ring closes)

5. Thread a needle with one of the longer ends and wrap around the tassel approximatel 8 times, taking the needle through the top loops a couple of times to secure

6. Take the needle through, from top to bottom

7.  Give the tassel a haircut….that’s it


To make a scissor tassel

1. Pass the thread through one of the handles

2.  Make a ring leaving a gap

Then repeat steps 2-6 as above

I added a tassel to this oriental inspired piece……the tatting is done, with a shuttle, around a “doodad”

These are easy and fun to make and, best if all, empty those shuttles