How to make a teeny weeny fork bow

This little bow has so many uses – it looks so cute on baby clothes, on an origami dress card or on a little gift box.

They are super easy to make using a fork and a small piece of silk ribbon. Satin ribbon can be used but I don’t think it looks as good.

Materials & tools
1 x fork
20 cms x 7mm wide  ribbon (I used100% silk)
 Fold the ribbon around the fork – the lower ribbon should be about 3 cms longer than the top one
bring the bottom ribbon up and pass diagonally over the top ribbon and through the centre tines towards the back

bring the other end around and over, & pass it down through the  centre tine in front of the other ribbon. The 2 ends will now be at the back of the the fork
turn the fork over and tie the two ends with a single bow (pull the ribbon as tight as you can)
 slide the loops from the fork
cut the ends diagonally and you have a neat little bow



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