About glitter….

Glitter comes in lots of shades and grades. Inexpensive plastic glitter is fine for kids projects but not great  for time consuming projects that you want to be “just so” (this is not a suitable product for children as it is real glass)

 I will always love DecoArt Glamour Dust for my painted projects and when I want a fine glimmer but sometimes something a bit heavier is required and German Glitter Glass comes in different grades to suit many projects

I sprinkled some on tissue paper I used for a fairy’s skirt

German Glitter Glass is produced by Bavarian glass artisans using a seven step process – the glass is coated with pure silver before firing – it is then ground in to different “grits” ranging from “fine to “course” and comes in many colours

The Glitter Glass does tarnish through time although I find this an attractive look, I don’t want it to tarnish prior to use, so I will pop one of these small anti-tarnish pads in the Ziplock bag I store the glass in.

The possibilities for this are endless…think Christmas ornaments. shoes, wooden blanks, tea light holders

I used my Sizzix Ballroom Slipper die for the shoes and the Sizzix Garden Fairy
Let’s sparkle!

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