Napkin decoupage on sneakers

A tutorial using DecoArt Decou-Page

I did a quick makeover on these plain sneakers which, I think, turned out pretty cute

To do the same you will need:a napkin a bottle of DecoArt Decou-Pageand a brush

How to:Remove the laces from the sneakers and wash them if necessary
Isolate the images by cutting them out leaving 1-2cms border (this makes cutting out easier)

Cut neatly around the image, then separate the layers. Paper napkins normally have 2-3 layers and you will only be using the top layer. The way I do it is to  hold the napkins between dampened thumb and index finger and pull the layers apart .

Normally I would apply decoupage medium to both the napkin cut-outs and the surface, but, in this case I only applied it to the sneakers. I then placed the image on to the sneakers and applied two more coats (Decou-Page can be used as a glue, finish and sealer.) I cut away any excess napkin as I went along

I died the laces Strawberry Pink 


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