Moroccan style cards with tassels

As all crafters know it can be difficult to source product in the desired colour…also if you buy online postage and handling can cost more than the purchase price.

So, withat in mind, I decided to make some tassels using thread I normally use for tatting and crochet

All you need to make some is thread (I used size 20), a piece of card about 2cms longer than the length you want the  tassel to be and a needle with a large eye such as a size 22 chenille needle 

How to:

Wind the thread around the card as many times as necessary…..for this one it was 20 times (adjust for how thick you want the finished tassel to be)

Pass a piece of thread, about 10 inches long, under the top

Tie a knot

Use a third piece of thread, about 9 inches long, to make a loop and place it over the top of the main threads

Take one end of this thread and wrap it around approximately 6 times

Then pass it through the loop and pull really tightly

Thread the needle and bring it down under the wrapped threads, from top to bottom (sorry I did not take a picture of this) so becomes part of the tassel

 Cut the bottom ends of the loops and trim the ends

To make a twisted cord: wind the thread on the second picture (that you knotted) by holding both ends and twisting in opposite directions, then they should naturally twist together in to a cord. Tie a knot and trim

……completely different tassels made with narrow velvet & satin ribbon

….if you are a burlesque dancer look at the money you will save lol

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