Napkin decoupage on wood or MDF

I am in the process of transferring tutorials from my previous blog to here. I believe this can be done with a few clicks but I decided to transfer them individually rather than taking a chance on losing them.

Covid-19 has had such a dramatic impact on our lives, and it is nice to escape for a short while. Projects such as this are a great way to take something you already gave and make it look like new. Decoupage can be used on so many surfaces with minimum effort. You can apply napkins to wood, porcelain, canvas, candles and even soap.

I can’t thank DecoArt enough for supplying me with some of their fabulous product; they are always one step ahead when coming up with new product

Prior to approaching this project I gained lots of advice watching Andy Skinner’s Youtube channel – Andy is an expert on DecoArt Media so it was very useful. Thanks Andy

 This is  how I transformed a wooden heart in to a lovely wall ornament

I used:

A napkin

DecoArt Media Gesso

DecoArt Media Interference – Blue

DecoArt Americana Decoupage

DecoArt Americana Paint – Indian Turquoise


A filbert Brush

An old toothbrush

 I applied Two coats of gesso (I like to use a filbert brush as it helps stop lines showing in the paint) and left it to dry

I then applied a watered down coat of Indian Turquoise Americana paint 

……….whilst the paint was still wet, I spattered on some isopropanal (rubbing alcohol) by dipping a toothbrush in the fluid and rubbing my thumbnail across it, thereby flicking some on to the surface. This leaves kind of mottled irregular surface – you gave to be very careful when using isopropanol as it is flammable.

After the heart was dry, the next step was to apply a coat of blue Interference……unfortunately this does not show up in the pictures, but it gives a wonderful opalescent effect.

I then added some napkin decoupage by

tearing a napkin along the edges – this leaves a soft hairy edge. Separating the layers (there are usually 2 or 3) and only keeping the top patterned one

Applying thin even coats of Decoupage on the back of the napkin and on the surface, then positioning it on the desired part of the surface (sorry no picture) and smoothing it out with a brush or brayer

I then turned it over and cut off the excess

this is is how it looked, before I went on to embellish it

I sourced this lovely geisha girl image from the Graphics Fairy website 

I printed it off, cut it and mounted it on blue card

the applied it to the heart using the decoupage medium. I used a die to cut pink vellum blossom

I wanted to give the flowers depth so I placed them on a deep foam base and pressed down on the middle of each with a large stylus

I added some pearls to the flower centres and an Oriental coin over the hanging hole

and finally added some ribbon and a mini tassel (please see my last post for a tutorial on how to make tassels)

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