Crafting in the sun

This is another post transferred from my previous blog. Oh to be in our Motorhome travelling in the sun. We have so many happy memories and who knows will maybe do it again. Never ever say never

I have not been able to post as many blogs as usual as we are travelling in Portugal in our motorhome.

I have, however, still been crafting and painting (of course). The only glitch is space – I can’t carry too many paints. I did, however, bring some DecoArt Multi Purpose Satin Paint and it has been great. So far I have used it to paint on glass, a chalkboard and cards.

a small gift for our hosts, Pedro and Mirielle

some cards…..I will add initials or numbers on request 

a beetroot jar upcycled to hold wild flowers

another card

Cut down Chinos (So Soft Fabric Paint)…….we don’t carry an iron lol

and a welcome sign 

Hopefully the Covid-19 will soon be under control and we can start making plans

Stay safe, Gill

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