Crochet Face Mask Adapter

instructions are in UK terms (SCs in US terms)


These little ear comfies offer a degree of comfort to wearers of face masks that have elastic which goes around the ears.

Ideally you should use cotton as they should be washed regularly at the recommenced temperature of 60deg. They are generally used for care home workers rather than in a medical situation.

You will need: cotton double knitting yarn, size 4.5 crochet hook, scissors, 2 x buttons and needle & thread.

Make a chain-less foundation row approximately 5-6” long (please visit my YouTube channel – Gill Colthart for a tutorial), and place a marker in the last stitch

work 1dc into each stitch and 3dc in the middle space at the end of the row

working in the round 1dc in each stitch with 3 dc in stitch with the market

Continue by working 1dc into each stitch around the whole piece then join to the middle of the 3dc cluster with either a slip stick or invisible join. I prefer an *invisible join so have written instructions below.

Sew on two pretty buttons (preferably plastic rather than wood for laundering)

*An invisible join replaces the slip stitch in a join when working in the round. It is basically a false stitch which looks similar to the other stitches. It looks neater than a slip stitch and is easy to do.

1 When you have completed the last stitch cut the yarn leaving a tail of 5-6” and thread it through a darning needle. Insert the needle under both top loops of the first stitch you worked in the round and pull it until you have formed the first part of a *V* shape

2 insert the needle into the back loop only of the last dc you worked in the row.

3 pull the yarn gently until the stitch is similar in size to all the others

To finish – turn the work over and secure by taking the needle through the horizontal loop behind the stitch twice, then weave in your ends and cut off.

Let’s do as many of these as possible and give them to the staff at local care homes. The feedback I have received had been excellent

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