How to crochet a one-row quick’n’easy ear protector

Further to posting my previous tutorial I have been asked to make another 50 “ear comfies” as I call them. Apparently they make face masks with ear elastic so much easier to wear, especially when working long hours. These are not made for NHS staff but rather for care workers or anyone who has to wear a mask with elastic that goes behind the ears.

An interest fact, at least it is to me, is that although you can do sewing, knitting and even tatting by machine, crochet can only be done by hand. This means that when creating things in large quantities time really does matter.

This is why I am now only doing one row and working in the round. It literally only takes a few minutes to make one of these and is suitable for beginners. The pattern is written in UK terms. I use cotton yarn that can be washed at 60 degrees.

I am very proud of our grandson’s girlfriend Bex – she taught herself to crochet watching my YouTube channel, and is already contributing some of these adapters to be used in care homes. Also some of my neighbours and followers on my Facebook page Let’s Create Edinburgh. So let’s get crocheting

*PLEASE NOTE this pattern is written in UK terminology (If you are in the US replace the trebles with double crochet and use worsted weight yarn).

Make 18ch, 2tr (dc) in 3rd ch from hook needle shows position

1tr (dc) in next 13ch

6tr (dc) in the first chain

Continue working, in the round, with trs (dcs) until you reach the end of the row

3tr (dc) into same space as first ch, join with a ss or invisible join (instructions are at bottom of this tutorial)

Weave in the ends and cut tails

Sew on buttons

Thanks for visiting – Gill


    • Hi Dorothy, the pattern is written in UK terms and done in trebles. Because US terminology is different you would use double crochet (same stitch but with a different name) . There are lots of conversion charts available online. I hope this helps, Gill


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