How to make Shoe clips tutorial

I searched online for shoe clips and found some gorgeous ones, but at a price! So what do us crafters do? We make them – we have fun and save money at the same time.

These clips are so easy to make – here’s how

you need

2 x shoe clips
a hot glue gun
2 small felt circles
& embellishments – ribbon, feathers, vintage earrings, buttons, buckles

Cut pieces of ribbon – 2 x 17cms, 2 x 14cms,  2 x 8cms  and two smaller pieces to go around the bow (these lengths are dependent on the width of the ribbon).

place a pin in the middle as a guide (remove at the next step)

fold both ends and overlap slightly and glue (I always keep a bowl of cold water handy as this glue is hot!) I have just discovered you can buy heatproof finger protectors and will be ordering some very soon. Old story though -they are not generally available in the UK and, if they are they will be more expensive than in the US

fold the 4 looped pieces over towards the middle  and glue

the loops will now look like a figures of eight

cut a “V” shape at each end of the bottom piece
Layer the 3 pieces – the unfolded piece at the bottom then the large loop and, finally, the small loop
Normally I would add a small loop around the middle (see pictures of other clips below) but I felt this would make these  velvet bows too thick so I glued the cameos directly on to the top loop
glue on the embellishment (I use a faux cameo from the jewellery counter)
glue the felt circles on the backs (I forgot to take pics – hence a different pair here! lol)
 glue the whole pieces  to the shoe clip
and……voila…… a la Hepburn on patent heels

for these I used 2 shades of grosgrain ribbon and little twirled roses – I will be writing a tutorial on how to make the roses shortly – they have so many uses and really are easy

a la Bardot on pumps – they would look great with capri pants

you could also make these into hair grips by gluing 2 small pieces of felt or fabric on to a hair clasp

please contact me if any part of this tutorial is not clear and I will try to help

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