How to make a no-sew face mask with liners and ear loops

Today, I washed all of our masks, them remembered I had to pop out to a local shop.

We live in Edinburgh and the wearing of masks is now mandatory in Scotland when entering shops or using public transport, so there was nothing else for it but think “make one quickly”. I teach Furoshiki (Japanese gift wrapping) and I just knew how easy this should be – so this is what I put together.

There is absolutely no sewing involved and it only takes a few minutes to make one.

I used a silk scarf (not advisable unless you are using it with filters) and tied the ends using a Furoshiki knot. These are easy to do and you only have to pull one end of the knot to undo it.

I cut the liners with pinking (fringing) scissors to prevent fraying.

To make something similar you will need:

A 19cms square scarf

2 x fabric liners

1 x extra liner (optional) – either HEPA filter, vacuum cleaner bag, stacked coffee filters.

2 x hair elastics (or rubber bands)

Pinking scissors (optional)

Fold two diagonal corners to meet in the Centre
Place the liners in the centre
Fold the two folded edges towards each other and overlap by approx 1”
Loop each corner through a hair elastic
Tie a Furoshiki knot and pull it gently to make a nice bow

To be honest I will probably still wear my lovely masks my daughter made for me but, having done this, I won’t be caught out again.

Maybe, before my next post, I will have had my hair cut. As you can see in the photo is long overdue!

Stay safe



This face covering is not a replacement for a surgical mask or N-95 respirator. These masks are meant to help protect other people when you go out in public.

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