Embroidered girls and bride: hair embroidery


“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein

how true that is and no more so than recently when we have been in lockdown.

Like many others I tend to get bored doing the same thing and am always looking for something new. I enjoy embroidery and designing projects that incorporate hair styles is just my cup of tea.

Although I teach decorative painting I am pretty hopeless at sketching and, for that reason, I find Frixion pens a great help. Once I have finished a project I simply run the top of a hot iron over any lines that show and abracadabra they are gone! This is a very rough sketch which will no doubt be changed as I work. The hair will be pulled up to create a bun, hence the half circle at the top, this will prevent it being too bulky. The finished piece can be seen further down this page


Embroidering hair is fun and I use the Turkish Knot stitch. I will post a video on my YouTube channel fairly soon.

Meantime here are a few of my projects – they were a lot of fun to do


Have a good day and keeeeeep crafting, Gill

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